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Dazzled - Jane Harvey-Berrick 3.5 Stars

I wasn't sure how to rate this, kept going from 3 stars to 4, then I went with 3.5 because while Dazzled was a well written book, it wasn't something I was really blown away by!

It was a really sweet read, not as sweet as this


but still sweet. ^^^^ I really need this right now!!

Dazzled was a really funny romance, not laugh out loud funny but made smile quite a bit!

I just did not connect with any of the characters, Miles -though sweet- was too naive and blind for my liking. Clare did not fare better either, the way she believed him straight away after their conflict and did not question him was a serious WTF moment for me. To accept his sudden declaration of undying affection just like that made me want to bang their heads together. Seriously he may not have rammed it in everything that moved, however his habit of falling for his co-stars so quickly showed that the dude obviously confused lust with love!!

I do think many will enjoy this, it is well written, sweet and had funny moments but just didn't do it for me!